How to develop your own encodings?

Full iso8859-1 and snap bold | 2004.05.10 | Oliwier Ptak
I've been working to make artwiz fonts fully compatible with iso8859-1 encoding. Most of the fonts are ready. They will be released as a new brach 2.0 soon (when they are done). Besides, as promised I've made snap bold. Check the shot here with german characters.


Glisp-Bold Fixed | 2004.05.01 | Oliwier Ptak
Glisp font has been fixed, now you don't choose in font selector glisbold but just glisp and if you want to make it look bold, set "bold" in font style options. Why this change? If one picture says more than thousand words, imagine what can say three. Check screenshots of kde, gnome, and mozilla using new glisp font. It is not available for download yet, I need to test it more. It should be here after weekend.
I am gonna start adding 'bold look' to other fonts as well, next one is going to be snap, cause I like it pretty much.


German encoding released | 2004.04.28 | Oliwier Ptak
Thanks to Matthias Vallentin you can download german encodings of artwiz fonts. Get them from download page. See it here.


Moved to | 2004.04.25 | Oliwier Ptak
I moved the project onto server. The development should now speed up due to SF services.


Contributions | 2004.04.10 | Oliwier Ptak
I am very sorry for lack of response to you all who wrote me emails about developing/submiting different encodings of artwiz fonts. The reason for it is that I became a father on Feb 14th (!) + I have lots of work to do recently.
However I am almost through with my current projects and I will update the page on the beginning of April (will move it to as soon as I have some free time to do it.


Swedish Pack available! | 2003.11.16 | Oliwier Ptak
Christer (vendis at snaily dot net) has finished his work on swedish encodings of the fonts.
Grab it from here.


Swedish Encoding | 2003.10.07 | Oliwier Ptak
Christer (vendis at snaily dot net) has added swedish encoding to artwiz-fonts.
See screenshot. This is work in progress so no link to download yet, but feel free to contact Christer.

If you want to make encoding for some different locales just grab the sources (*.bdf), modify, publish (or send the modified package here) and send me an email so I can write news about it. Logo